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Panda Helper is one of the best 3rd-party App Store in the market, offering apps tweaks and games for iPhone and Android devices.

Panda Helper

Panda Helper for iOS or Android are available for download and install on your phone by tapping on one of the download buttons below.

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Best Panda Helper Features:

  • Pandahelper iOS Apps – Many in demand unofficial iOS apps and Android APK.
  • Tweaks – Amazing collection of panda helper tweaks for your iPhone and Android smartphone which adds new features to your existing apps.
  • Free VIP apps – Loaded with Premium 3rd-party apps for free. Game emulators, Game Mods, advance file managers and lots more waiting for you to download and install.
  • Light Weight – Unlike other 3rd-party app stores, Panda Helper is not resource hungry. Your iOS device or Android smartphone will not get slow for installing panda helper app.

Why Panda Helper is the best 3rd-party app store in the world?

Panda Helper Appstore

Panda Helper is designed from ground up to be user friendly and productive at the same time, with a dedicated team of developers constantly working on making the user experience as good as possible. 

Panda helper 2021 comes with an in-app cache cleaner, which eliminates the need to clear cache externally in case of installation problems. The inbuilt tools will fix the issues for you so you have enjoy your favourite games and apps.

Is Panda Helper safe and secure?

Panda Helper top rated

Absolutely Yes, Panda Helper is fully secure and safe on your smartphone. The Primary concern about Rooting or jailbreaking your iOS device, Android phone is that it can lead to security breaches and malware infiltration. However, using panda helper eradicates these concerns as the app does not require jailbreak or root access to work and on top of that panda helper does not void your phone or tablet warranty.

Will Panda Helper slow down your device?

Simple Answer is No, this third party app store is very light and go easy on your device. Our users have never reported any lag or system based problem while using panda helper. But, you should be careful when downloading and installing apps or games from the app store. The content on app stores are build by independent developers, panda team do keep security check but being careful is good for personal safety.

Panda Helper Download Not Working:

Installing the helper app is fairly easy and staraigtht forward but if you do face any issue you can perform the following steps

  • Make sure your Internet connection is active – Most of the time we saw errors on installation was due to inactive internet connect or unstable connection. Check your connection and try installing again, if the problem presists try changing the connection.
  • No Space on device – Even though mobile phones now a days comes with lot of internal space but filling them up is equally easy. Just a few minutes of 4k 60fps video recording and our 64GB device will scream for some free space. So, please check you have enough space available for installing panda helper.
    Panda helper storage full
  • Incompatible Version – This is the most common issue our users have faced so far. Before trying to install make sure you tap on the correct version of panda helper download file above. If you tap on a different version your device might not support it and the installation will fail. If you are not sure of the version to go with comment for help or find us on facebook.

Are there any panda helper alternative:

If you are looking for a secure 3rd-party Appstore, there are none as popular and loaded as panda helper. Panda app has the highest collection of apps and tweaks as compared to other app stores.

Download and Installation Support:

Panda Helper Support

Even though there are no issues with the installation of panda helper and using it on your phone, if you face any problem, contact us on Facebook or the official twitter handle to get your issue resolved directly from the developer team.

Customer Support

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