Happy Chick Emulator

Happy Chick is a emulator that allows you to play console games on your iOS devices like iPhone. Jailbreak was needed to play emulator games on iPhone, as a result developers come up with Happy Chick which works without jailbreak.

happy chick emulator

What is Happy Chick Emulator?

There are many Consoles out there like Nintendo, Playstation, PPSSP and many more. With an emulator app you can play games from all these consoles on your iPhone or iPad but the problem was in order to do that jailbreak is required. This is where Happy Chick makes an entry, supports all the mentioned consoles but doesn’t require jailbreak. Happy Chick emulator works without jailbreak on your iOS device.

How to Download Happy Chick?

There are multiple ways you can download and install Happy Chick on your phone, listed below are the top 3 

Method 1: Panda Helper

Download Panda Helper

  1. First install Panda Helper from the link above, Panda Helper is the best third party appstore to install emulators like HappyChick.
  2. Once downloaded, search for Happy Chick in the panda helper app
  3. Tap on Install to begin installation.

Method 2: Profile Installation

Tap on the link below to install happy chick, make sure you are using safari browser as it will not work on any other browser app

Profile Download Link

Method 3 : IPA File

  1. Download the HappyChick IPA file
  2. Use AppCake to sign the IPA file and install it on your iPhone or iPad

Top Features of Happy Chick Emulator:

  • Easy to Install – Just few steps to download happy chick
  • Well organised graphical user interface
  • Doesn’t need jailbreak to download
  • Can be installed from Panda Helper and other sources like Cydia
  • Supports almost all new version of iOS
  • Works on all iPhone or iPad running on latest OS versions
  • Can be installed on Smart TVs, Apple TV and Android
  • Games from most of the popular Game consoles like Playstation
  • Even support retro games like Super Mario Brothers to moden titles like FIFA and GTA
  • Can be played as Multiplayer
  • Active Internet connection is not required to play Campaign games
  • You can create or install Game Mods

Have you tried Happy Chick yet?, if not give it a try do let us know in the comments below. For any quaries you can always find us on Facebook.

User Ratings:

4.7 / 5. 181

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