Panda Helper iOS 14

Panda helper iOS 14 has been updated to support the new iOS with extra features. iOS 14 is one of the most popular iOS released by Apple over the past couple of years. Panda Helper Supports all versions of iOS 14 including the latest iOS 14.4.2.

panda helper ios 14

Below are the Download Links for Panda Helper.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

How to install Panda Helper on iOS 14:

  1. Tap on one of the download buttons above, make sure you are using safari on your iOS device
  2. Let the page load up, tap on the Allow button to download the panda helper profile
    panda helper downloaded
  3. Now, Go to your Settings app and navigate to General > Profiles and tap Install on the top right corner
  4. Exit the settings app and you will find the Panda helper app icon on your home screen

One starting the app for the first time you may get the error “Untrusted Developer”, fix to this issue is listed below

Tutorial to Trust Panda Helper App

  1. Go to your Settings app and open General > Profiles
  2. In the profiles list, scroll and locate the panda helper developer profile
  3. Open it and tap on the Trust button
  4. Exit the Settings app
    panda helper ios 14 games
  5. Now, try to start panda helper app and it should work without any errors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Panda Helper iOS 14:

Is panda helper safe for iOS 14 devices?

Simple answer is yes, panda helper app is continuously updated and checked for malware and other potential threats, so it is safe. However use of an antivirus app and VPN is recommended.

What if the apps get revoked on iOS 14?

There are chances that certain apps can get revoked, but you can be rest assured that the developer team works around the clock to restore them soon.

Follow the tutorial above to download panda helper on iOS 14, let us know about your favourite apps or games in the comments below or join us on our panda helper Facebook fan page.

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